Always upgrading our equipment


We use the latest technology and programs, with a shop full of CNC Machines that's constantly increasing and always updating or purchasing the newest and most capable machining programs.

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  • CNC Milling/Turning
    • Five axis machining
    • High speed machining
  • Machine, Repair and Rebuild large Hydraulic Cylinders / Bearings / Gear Housings
  • We do mig, tig, and stick types of welding
  • Surface grinding, de-burring, and we have parts finished to your liking
  • We will machine, form, assemble, and provide a finishing for your product

  • 5,000 lb and 25" cube capacity for machining
  • We regularly service and provide maintenance for our machines
  • Reverse engineering for any size components with special focus on servicing the Power Generation Industry